WAT-231S2 - Ultrahigh sensitivity & high resolution

COLOR CAMERA (Ultra Sensitivity & Hight Resolution)

Characteristics & functions

  • Multi functions
  • Ultrahigh sensitivity
  • High resolution (540TVL)
  • EI control for FL mode
  • Color-rollingless AWB mode
  • Simultaneous output of composite video & Y/C signals
  • White balance control
  • Shutter speed control
  • Electronic iris
  • Flickerless mode
  • AGC
  • Back light compensation
  • Gamma correction
  • Video level switch(100 IRE / 75 IRE)
  • Video/DC iris auto-select
  • Iris level control


  • Effective pixels: 380k(N), 440k(P)
  • Resolution: 540TVL
  • Minimum illumination: 0.02 lx. F1.2
  • S/N ratio: 50dB
  • Shutter speeds: EI(1/60(N) or 1/50(P)-1/100,000), (EI control for FL 1/60(N) or 1/50(P)-1/100,000), FL, OFF, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/10000
  • White balance: ATW/PWB/MWB/Preset(3200K, 4300K, 5100K, 6300K)
  • Gain control: AGC ON(HI:0-38dB, LO:0-32dB) / MGC(0-32dB)
  • Gamma correction: ON(0.45)/OFF(1.0)
  • Back light compensation: ON/OFF
  • Weight: 140g



Possible Camera Application

  • The military application (Supports, defusing explosives, interventions, and others..)

      • Indeed, the quality of visual information is a decisive criterion and of vital importance in decision making military. For example, in dim light situations, the cameras WATEC WAT- 232S possesses a high sensitivity to low light (near infrared) and are appropriate to this type of situation.
      • The cameras WATEC WAT- 231S2 , can be used for defusing explosives precision, thanks to their high definition these modules are suitable for such situations.