WAT-2200 - HD-SDI - 3G-SDI

  • réf. WAT-2200 WAT-2200 - HD-SDI - 3G-SDI - HD-SDI - 3G-SDI
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HD-SDI CAMERA (Compact & Compatible 3G-SDI)

Description and applications : 

  • 3G-SDI/HD-SDI is digital interface without latency and compression artifacts.

  • The WAT-2200 has powerful characters with 3G-SDI/HD-SDI interface and the leading-edge technorogy of sensor which consists of RGB and white pixels to achieve low-light sensitivity.

  • Watec improves durability,versatiity and functionality on the design of the WAT-2200.

  • This versatile and powerful camera provides full HD resolution and low-light image for advanced surveillance and professional broadcast applications.

Important features:

  • Sensitivity : 0.1lx, F1.2

  • 3G-SDI (compatible with SMPTE424M) and HD-SDI

  • Versatile and compact design W48 x H48 x D70, 135g